Thursday, December 6, 2012

Combat boots for kids

My daughter has been asking me for combat boots forever. She was dying for these Dr. Martins for about 130(depending on where you buy them. I actually was going to buy them when I stated looking around and found the cutest boots that I actually liked better. The dr. martens also has about a month break in period which for my daughter would never work. She would give up because from what I remember the doc are fantastic but you need to get through the pain and she's 12. Not going to happen. Found these babies on Zappos which are so sweet and the price is even better. Check them out.


I bought them for my daughter Isabella instead of these babies. 

Dr. Martens ($130)

Fingers crossed that she loves them These days it's pretty touch and go but I'm hoping she can get over the fact that they weren't exactly what she wanted because honestly she wouldn't have been able to handle the "break-in" period that so many people suffer through. 

Thanks, Beth

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