Wednesday, March 27, 2013


When I was 12 0r 13 my mom decided we would have an annual tradition of celebrating my birthday in a special and unique way and because we lived on Long island, going into NYC was 45 minutes away by car or train making it very accessible. Every birthday she would take me shopping to a special store and we ‘d have lunch in a cool place. One birthday we went to Boyd Chemists and then to Henri Bendels shopping. It was a birthday I’d never ever forget because she bought me my first set of makeup and then we went shopping in a store that ended up being my favorite place to go for years to come. One of Manhattan's chicest shopping environments, Henri Bendel is a girls' candy store, where ladies go to find the new and the next in accessories, cosmetics, gifts and fashion. Since 1895 signature brown and white striped Henri Bendel shopping bags have been spotted on the arms of stylish young women all around NY and around the world. Bendel's luxury heritage and eye for the new, has made shopping there a rite of passage for elite young women for more than 100 years In April 2009 Henri Bendel stopped carrying apparel, choosing instead to focus on fashion accessories, cosmetics, and gift items such as candles. This place is special and if you ever have the opportunity to go to NY you need to experience this wonderful place. Since they have decided to nix fashion I have not tired in my love for this place. One of my favorite places to go in Bendels is on the second floor artisanparfumeur
It has such fine wonderful fragrances that are some of my favorites.
Where am I going with all of this?
Well, my friend and I decided to take our daughters, both 11 in to the city to Bendels and get them makeovers and we ended up buying them perfume and we had one of the best days ever.
After that we went to see Jersey Boys which was so fantastic. I actually would love to see it again. We went to the Stardust Diner for dinner before the show which was a really fun time too. We got talked into traveling via bicycle taxi to the diner which my friend and I were not really too thrilled about but we both ended up laughing our asses off. 
Anyway my point to this post is that I feel really good about having carried over the traditions my mom started with me which really shaped a big part of who I am today.  She always tried to instill in me the importance of experiencing culture but also how important it is to have style, grace, polish, charm good manners, refinement and class. 
I have tried to do the same for my daughters Isabella and Julia. Julia is 6 so she is young but Isabella, being 11 is such an example to me of a young woman (almost) who has everything I can ever want my daughter to possess and more. She has her flaws but she is perfect to me because she has charisma that makes people turn around when she enters a room. And the best part is she has absolutely no clue how breathtakingly gorgeous, sweet and amazing she is. She is humble, kind and charming and I am so proud. I was smiling with pride yesterday as one person after the other kept complementing Isabella on her beauty but also her poise too. I felt like I had a lot to do with the young lady she is today just as my mom did for me when I was her age. I guess the point of my ADD, where is she going with this is.....Please take the time to share special moments with your daughters and or sons. You will totally enjoy sitting back and watching your efforts come alive in your amazing kids as I did. What’s better than that?
Xo Beth

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